Welcome to Northern Light Charters!  

We are closing Northern Light Charters. We have been through a lot of changes over the last couple of years. First COVID and now changes to insurance on older boats. A while back we received an email letting us know that our insurance was being dropped by our current carrier. Our agent let us know that they were on it, but once it was too late they informed us there was nothing they could do and we should look around. This led to the cancellation of charters. We felt bad that people had plans and we had to change everything on them. We were able to find charter insurance for Northern Light but it is more than double what it was before. Boats are already expensive. There is a lot of extra money and time that goes into trying to run as a charter business. After weeks of figuring out cost, we have decided that we will no longer be running Northern Light Charters. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused our guests. We truly enjoyed this making friends and sharing our boat, but it’s time to move on. Thank you for all of your support.

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